The Background

Nothing is as dangerous as to enrich somebody’s attitude, skills, abilities and knowledge but unfortunately make him or her unproductive and have no place for him or her to practice those acquired skills and better ways of doing things
African Leaders’ failure to address Youth Unemployment head-on is already creating great danger for sit-tight Leaders as well as future Leaders as seen during Arab Spring. International Labour Organization report for 2013 revealed that the weakening of the global recovery in 2012 and 2013 has further aggravated the youth jobs crisis and the queues for available jobs have become longer and longer for some unfortunate young jobseekers. So long, in fact, that many youth are giving up on the job search


Causes of Youth Unemployment

Mismatch between the supply of and demand for skills
School-to-work transition
The rapidly growing urban labour force arising from rural – urban migration
Rapid population growth
The out-dated school curricula and lack of employable skills
No vibrant manufacturing sector which has the capacity to absorb unemployed youths
Massive corruption that is perpetuated, and still being perpetuated on daily basis, by successive military and civilian administrations


The YES Africa Charter


Empower Youths and adequately prepare them, by providing them with tools, attitude, skills and knowledge required to address the real problems of unemployment and entrepreneurship in Africa.


Bridge the unemployment gap, by empowering 50,000 youths by 2020, through learning and development that is focused on Entrepreneurial and Employability skills.


Provide a platform for action learning and seed funding for youths annually, via collaboration with partners, volunteers and sponsors.

Core Values: I.C.A.N
· Internal Validation – Believe in your abilities
· Creativity -Innovate or Terminate
· Action Learning – Act and Practice what you have learned
· Need-based – Meet needs, solve real problems


Business School Netherlands, one of the world’s leading MBA Institute and pioneers of the renowned Action Learning Programe, is championing a laudable course for young people, known as the Business School Netherlands Youth Empowerment Scheme #bsnYesAfrica.

The project offers free employability and entrepreneurial training to well over 50,000 Young Africans, in the next five years, and according to the CEO BSN Nigeria, Mr Lere Baale, “because charity begins at home, we have decided to launch this project first in Nigeria in collaboration with our partners, volunteers and sponsors”.

About The BSN YES Program

In response to the immense need for human capacity development in Nigeria and Africa, the #bsnYesAfrica project, avails youths with FREE capacity development, with opportunities to leverage on BSN global networks, as this would help take their Career and Business to the #NextNewLevel.

In the words of the CEO, the Business School Netherlands approach is more of practical than theory, that is the hallmark of the Action Learning Program which has enabled us build world class business and career leaders from all over the world. The Action Learning Program to be deployed for the program is one unique quality that stands us out globally”.

The project avails young people with a platform for 13 weeks action learning, with certification and seed-funding opportunities for outstanding participants.

Our objective is to empower youths and adequately prepare them by providing them with tools, attitude, skills ability and knowledge required to address the real problems of unemployment and entrepreneurship in Africa

The Process

Participation in the YES program is absolutely free, and will remain free.
Open to undergraduates, studentpreneurs, youths in paid employment, entrepreneurs (SME) with an existing business of not less than 2 years, and graduates (HND/university degree)


To register, visit any of our social media platforms.
Or Contact:
+234 807 272 4835