Management through Experience

Together we can improve the operation of your company! For 14 years now we have been helping managers achieve personal development and gain new knowledge and experiences in the sphere of management. Do you want to add to your education and increase your qualifications? Study an MBA course with us or look at how specifically we can help your company.

What you won’t find elsewhere
Maximum focus on practical skills, projects, and teamwork; Familiarisation with an MBA in a unique MBA Basics course, with a certificate for completion. Courses held in Czech, making them ideal for simple communication and the exchange of experiences.

Action Learning
Programmes are of an internationally recognised excellent level, highly applicable, sector related and with attention to international and local leadership concepts. The teaching method is based on Action Learning. Managers will work on their problems; not on endless theoretical issues, but on implementation: ‘learning by doing’, ‘less books-more brains’!!

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