Skills Development Programme – Student profile

Skills Development Programme is an in-company training programme only offered with countries where Business School Netherlands has a dedicated campus.

You are:
– in a supervisor or in a managerial role

The Skills Development Programme is specifically designed for managers who want to greatly enhance their managerial effectiveness by improving their leadership behaviour, professional conduct and their interpersonal skills.

BSN’s Skills Development programme is offered in several different languages. Please check with your local campus for more details.


Skills Development Programme Outline

Attention is given to the subject of professional Integration and the improvement of Interpersonal Skills. This will enable students to practice their interpersonal skills and competencies. It therefore assists companies in the overall improvement of relations within the company and improved professional conduct.

Typically the programme is composed of seven workshops:
 – Action Learning and Learning to Learn
 – Multicultural Integration
 – Personal Effectiveness and Motivation
 – Situational Leadership
 – Stress Management
 – Team Building
 – Training Interpersonal Skills

Your final assessment is determined by:
– Peer Assessment
– Mentor Assessment 
– Self Assessment          
– Writen Assessment


Structure and Start Dates

Following a discussion with the HR or Training and Development team within your organisation regarding specific training and development requirements, we can start a Skills Development Programme set as soon as you require.

The Skills Development Programme requires the student participate in 17 workshop days and submit 7 Action Learning project reports over a period of 6 months..

Certificate in Skills Development

The Skills Development Programme can be taken in combination with the Management Development Programme to provide the Certificate in Management.

Start Date
SDP kicks off a number of times through the year, please contact us for our next planned start.