The Increasing Importance of Information as a key Organizational Asset

profile-img_herman-van-niekerk_webIt has become a cliché that we are living in a world domination and hyper connectedness. Those who are involved in field of Information Management, social media and organizational collaborated have witness tremendous change to how the information age is impacting on organizational changes and development and our subsequent use of information sources.

When I became a BSN faculty member ten years ago there was no Facebook, Twitter did not exist and most organisations were only starting to use technology to enable better collaboration in order to optimize their productivity using organizational knowledge.

With the introduction of new technologies into the workshop in recent years many new concepts have subsequently been introduced into MBA Programmes. With the rise of the knowledge society concept such as Organizational Learning and Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Social Media, Visual Analytic and Big Data now demand the attention of academic and practitioners in order to ensure their organization remain competitive. Organisational knowledge continues to grow in importance and executive now acknowledge it as a valuable corporate asset that need to be nurtured. Thus, the comprehensive field of Information Management must continuously strive to improve the discipline in both theory and practice. The question now is how will the discipline of Information Management evolve and how will it look like in another five years from now?

The last decade was about connecting devices- the next decade is about connecting people with mobile, social and local technologies. Business functions are in transition: How we handle and make sense of data is shaped by social, technical, economic and cultural trends. Information specialist will have to ensure that information is dynamically delivered to staff and customers via a variety of information channels including websites, mobile and social media.

It is expected that the future of information management will be impacted by the demand of having the ability to access information in real-time. In a workshop which is becoming more and more and more social orientated collaboration will be a key issue and the role of experts providing this service will be an important driver for companies to increase their competitiveness. The war for talent has just begun.

The field of Information Management is continuously changing and therefore organisations need to successfully manage information as means to achieve high performance. This requires a deep specialization to stay on top of developments and their impact on individuals and organisations. With BSN’s access to international experts and flexibility to change the curriculum in meeting changing demands BSN has certainly remained at the cutting edge of developments in its respective fields of executive education. BSN has already implemented some of these principles. Students have access to experts in the respective disciples and with its learning platform and web discussions social collaboration and peer learning are continuously promoted. BSN is well-positioned to address any future challenges and the school can look forward to a bright  future



He is a director at Suritec and regularly speaks on emerging topics in the field of organizational intelligence and is a leading expert in the field of information and knowledge management.


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