Our Approach


The scientific research that BSN students carry out must meet exactly the same criteria as scientific research executed at any university. However, what differs is the choice of subject: the Action Research approach focuses on the analysis of a practical problem arising in real time in the work-place, performed and supported by scientific knowledge.

Action Research: the challenges…
Controlling the complexities of real life remains one of the biggest challenges of scientific research aimed at the practical. In order to best achieve this goal, Business School Netherlands maintains efficient strategies and methods. Verification and validation lie at the core of the rationale of any research design. We strongly advise (future) students to share the requirements of these processes with co-workers and their team, to ensure involvement and cooperation during the research.

Action Research: USPs (and why it is BSN’s preferred method)
For Business School Netherlands, Action Research is the vital starting point when students embark on their dissertation phase. We place great emphasis on their ability to apply indications from scientific sources and personal research, leading to the implementation and measurement of improvements, coupled with suggestions both before and after the action research phase. In addition, the importance placed on identifying and perhaps eliminating uncertainties by involving colleagues in the action research process is another of the many advantages of Action Learning.

This is precisely why Business School Netherlands chooses to apply a combination of Action Learning and Action Research. We know that our students stand out because they are more knowledgeable and have a much better record of successful interventions and operations in their work environment. This formula for success does not end on Graduation Day. On the contrary; it embodies a lifelong skill that students and their organisations benefit from immensely, well into the future.


Action Learning Projects

Action Learning is a well-known and renowned corporate strategy method that produces better insights and greatly improves decision-making processes.

Ever since Business School Netherlands was established in 1988, tens of thousands of Action Learning Projects have been carried out all over the world; in both profit and non-profit making organisations, in SMEs and in multinationals.

What exactly is the value of Action Learning Projects?

With Action Learning Projects, YOU WILL:

  • Learn how to track and solve real-time problems in your organisation;
  • Solve problems not only within your own industry or discipline but in other organisational disciplines too;
  • Learn how to interpret relevant information and knowledge;
  • Learn to convert knowledge into appropriate actions;
  • Learn to reflect on your own performance and learn from the consequences;
  • Involve your team and organisation in your learning process so that they can learn from you , and vice versa;
  • Sharpen your managerial skills;
  • Broaden and deepen your internal and external network;
  • Learn how to benefit from other disciplines and industries and apply gained insights to your personal work environment;
  • Witness how new insights improve decision making;
  • See that study fees are recouped during the programme;
  • Be in a position to consult with highly experienced and established professionals;
  • Find that your Action Learning Projects dispense with the need to hire (expensive) external consultants.