Customer Relationship Management Workshop

The relationship marketing concept represents a new marketing paradigm shift from transactional marketing to building long-term relationships with customers.

It is the purpose of customer relationship management to create meaningful relationships with customers and stake holders, which is appropriate to its strategy. Since not all customers are the same, every customer needs to be treated and therefore managed differently.

Course Content
– Defining the nature and role of CRM
– Building CRM
– Dimensions of CRM
– Internal marketing
– One-on-one marketing
– Building relationships with stake holders
– Planning the CRM strategy
– CRM Software: Pros and Cons.

The primary outcome of this short course will be that the student will be able to implement customer relationship management (CRM) in a company

The programme will be of immense value to anyone wishing to increase their understanding of the subject and improve the status of their organisations including Middle and Line managers of Human Resources, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Projects, and Strategic planning departments.

Registrants should be able to achieve the following at the end of the workshop –
Management of customers “touch points” to maximize customer loyalty.
Ability to appropriate accurate value on both customer and company knowledge in the use of CRM software.


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