Human Capital Development

The programme will be of immense value to anyone wishing to increase their understanding of the subject and improve the status of their organisations including Line managers in all departments, Supervisors of persons, interested persons and new employees to Human Resources Department.


This workshop will enable the student understand the conceptual framework of the key principles of Human Capital Development thus enhancing managerial effectiveness.
focus will be given to contemporary topics “hot topics” in this discipline, which have aroused widespread interest in the business environment, and the implications they have on the student’s organisation.



  • Introduction to Human Capital Development
  • Human Capital Planning
  • Recruitment, Selection & Induction of staff
  • Motivating and Developing People
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Power Relations
  • Overview of Industrial Relations
  • Alternative Work arrangements and more.


Competencies Address:

  • Demonstration of understanding of the conceptual framework of Human Capital Development and ability to show how the elements of the framework support each other.
  • Demonstration of knowledge of key theoretical concepts that underpins Human Capital Development practice
  • Ability to critically assess the effectiveness of a Human Resource functions in an Organization.
  • Understanding of the relationship between, and the different responsibilities of, Human Capital management and Line Management in creating healthy work environments.
  • Understanding of the key human resource responsibilities of line management in maintaining healthy relationships with staff.
  • Ability to demonstrate an understanding of key human resource instruments in the management of people in order to improve results –for example recruitment and selection methodologies, performance management methodologies, human resources planning techniques and grievance and disciplinary frameworks.

Project: Each registrant will complete an Action Learning Assignment (ALA) on a real challenge / problem in his field of responsibility or within own organisation.


Certification: Each participant will receive a certificate after his/her Action Learning Project (ALP) has been assessed and a pass mark attained.


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