Risk Management


Global competition and high turbulent markets with associated high level of volatility, precipitated by the financial crisis in the world today, have raised risk management to the fore-front of business thinking.


This course provides a solid foundation in the understanding of risk, how it is managed how to plan and use business continuity should things go wrong; and how to monitor and report progress on risk management. At the end of the workshop participants should be able to:
– Identify and manage risk and uncertainty which is a very important management skill; and a key relevant in the overall frame work for corporate governance in an organisation.
– Explore the positive and negative aspects of risk, focusing on business enterprise risk management.
– Improve their knowledge and practical skills in the identification assessment and control of business risk.
– Have working knowledge on the implementation and audit procedures for the following:

i.     Planning for HIRAC
ii.     Continual improvement of their organisation high   risk profiles
iii.     Understanding BCM policy and programme management
iv.     Developing and implementing a BCM response
v.     Drawing incident  management plan
vi.     Quantifying risk and management


Profile and Admission
Risk management is a managerial function is aimed at protecting the organization, its employees, assets and profits against the physical and financial consequences of risk.

Each participant will complete an Action Learning Assignment Projecton a real challenge/problem in his/her field of responsibility or within own organization and show how risks can be managed to bring maximum success, and will also receive a certificate after his/her has been assessed and a pass mark attained.



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