Following the DBA you will find yourself utilising scientific research and Action Learning with a specific emphasis on the practical application of the conclusions and outcomes.


DBA Programme Outline


Following  the DBA programme, managers are encouraged to become independent researchers.  Business School Netherlands coaches you in your personal and professional development. Furthermore, we offer the best possible facilities for exchanging knowledge and for benefiting from Action Learning experiences.

The DBA programme offers students the combination of practical applications with a scientific approach to problems.  You will be recommending far reaching improvements in the business and management environment, whilst at the same time you will become more skillful in thorough research.  Participating in the DBA programme, you will start to view your actions more assertively and you will find yourself raising your personal and professional game to a higher level.

The interaction between the participants is extremely motivating.  In each meeting, a number of participants will present their research subjects and the progress of their research.  A critical discussion follows the presentations; the result being direct feedback and new insights that are mutually generated.




You have successfully completed an MBA or relevant Masters level programme and you intend to continue your studies in the field of business with an in-depth scientific emphasis.
Enrolment Procedure

Prior to formally starting your DBA it is important to ensure that your subject area will provide sufficient research possibilities for you, and the subject matter is significantly relevant.  Therefore we require that an Orientation Phase is completed.
Orientation Phase

The orientation phase requires an Action Plan be written; this reviews of the current published literature, and considerations to the benfactors of the project.

BSN’s DBA programme is offered in several different languages. Please check with your local campus for more details.


Structure and Start Dates


At any time

Phase I
–      Workshops on Research Methodology
–      Attendance of Master Classes
–      Skills Training
–      Paper / Essay compliation
Phase II
–      Research
–      Presentation
–      Writing two chapters of the Thesis
Phase III
–     Compilation of the Thesis and a Evaluative Research Report
–      Assessment and Graduation

Typically four years is required to complete the DBA
Please contact your regional office for fees in your local currency


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