Best MBA-provider

Written by Business School Nederland
Thursday, 27 September 2012


A list of the best training providers in the Netherlands was published by MT last week, based on their annual survey. It should be noted that Business School Netherlands (BSN), the top rated school, is the only one in the top 5 that offers a professional MBA.

This survey builds on previous research conducted regarding the value derived from management education. It was revealed that a student who followed a management programme such as an MBA, experienced an average increase of 18% in income, whilst employers experienced a substantial return on their investment. Furthermore, the survey revealed that employers experienced an average increase in productivity of 36%, double that of the increase in the employee’s income.

Top 5 training providers in the Netherlands

1. BSN – 8,17
2. Nyenrode – 8,12
3. TSM – 8,05
4. RSM Rotterdam – 8,0
5. TiasNimbas – 7,95