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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Graduation Day 2015 is behind us. Congratulations to all alumni!

What a day! What a ceremony! What a dinner! What a party! What was Graduation Day – the 17th in the history of Business School Netherlands (BSN) – again a fantastic experience for both the 325 (now) alumni and their families, and to the staff of our business school.

bsngrad15 platform panorama photo

A few achievements:

  • In total studied on Saturday, September 19th 325 students graduate;
  • These students come from the Netherlands (97), Czech Republic (4), China (119), Tanzania (1), Suriname (5), Curacao (4), South Africa (9), Ghana (1) and Nigeria (83 ). Armenia (1) and Zimbabwe (1);
  • Chineze 14 students graduated as Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), the highest level that you can get at BSN;
  • Of the graduates were unable 154 of them do not attend graduation day, with travel distance and cost often as the main reason;
  • In the run up to and during Graduation Day were from BSN 8 tweets, 91 posts on Facebook and 24 photos onInstagram posted equipped with the hashtag # bsngrad15;
  • This year saw the record when it comes to the highest average mark: an impressive 8.7 (compared to a 8.2 in 2014);
  • 15 students graduated with distinction;
  • 11 students graduated Cum Laude;
  • MBA alumnus Peter Bosma was awarded the Q-gold certificate; evidence of an active life-long learning;
  • MBA alumnus Richard Ostende was (in absentia) awarded the Q-Plus certificate; for the dedication if you spend after you graduate within a period of five years (minimum) to 500 hours of training of yourself or other managers.

Finally, a feat that deserves to be mentioned separately. The Graduation Day brandished the first Cum Laude students off from Nigeria and Suriname! The credit goes to the Nigerian Okey Okere and Rolf Verwey from Suriname.Congratulations!

2015.060.bsn graduation.190 two 325px2Totally unexpected
“It was a fantastic day!” I guess you could say for Niek van Halteren, who graduated alongside Cum Laude, with a 8.7 average rating and received the award for ‘highest average’. “Very cool,” says Niek. “It really gives a kick in a room with so many alluring – according to me the most beautiful dining room of the Netherlands – two years of study to complete in order to get the diploma with fellow students from different countries together and have a drink. For me it was when I set the price for the highest average in reception could take the highlight, especially because I was not expecting that total. “

Agnes also Bolderman graduated Cum Laude. “While I was in advance had not been really doing, it still felt ‘special’ to get that extra bit of recognition. During the day my partner and my daughter Gerco Brechtje with me, my sister, her family and my in-laws. During the day I have been thinking a lot about my deceased parents, who would certainly have been very proud. The highlight of the day? The rise on the podium, “may I special attention to …?” “Whether they happen to have somewhere blinks away a tear? “No, not during the day, but earlier, when I post my viva voce heard that I was nominated for Cum Laude.”

Stylish closing
Remco Rutgers MBA looks like his fellow students back on a gorgeous day. “I found it particularly to conclude such an intensive process in a stylish way. And certainly to do that with my partner and fellow students. If FastTrack student always felt a certain distance from BSN – until my trip to China changed this. A week long acceleration with fellow students creates a bond. Many of these people I have just spoken again during graduation day, which was great. I look back on an educational process: this training has enabled me to develop myself. What was the highlight of the day?The moment when I could receive my diploma course. “

For director Frank Campman was his first Graduation Day. “I loved it I myself experienced my graduation day in 2002 in South Africa People look forward, have worked very hard to complete this arduous study and then they celebrate the festival with their family Note!..: together they have realized more than euro 50 million of value for their organizations or be it to realize the discharge, pressure, pride,. everything you saw on the faces of the graduands at the moment they walked on stage to get their diploma pick up. Great weather, great food, a very good band and lots of people on the dance floor. Many people told me that they only now realize how international BSN is and how exciting it is to be a partaker of it. “

Niek, Agnes, Remco and all other students were congratulated by an eight-member delegation of the international staff of BSN: Slava Kubatova (BSN Director Czech Republic); Lere Baale (CEO BSN Nigeria); Juanita Bouwer (CEO Worldwide BSN); Ray Wen (Director Asia BSN), Billy Coop (Academic Director BSN); Frank Campman (Director BSN Netherlands); Marcel van der Ham (Dean BSN) and Dick Gerdzen (BSN founder and Chairman of the Board).

What a fantastic day, all congratulations, we’re already looking forward to next year! (# bsngrad16)

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